Flat Bastard 50/100

A scenic 50 mile race from Kings Lynn to Cambridge down the Fen Rivers Way with a possible Double Flat Bastard 100 option where runners will turn around and run back to the start.

Its a waymarked route with plenty of wildlife and stunning views of Ely cathedral, it has the potential to be fairly windy along the Fens so be prepared (it can be a bastard!)


The race will take place 9am Sat April 4th 2020 from Kings Lynn, with several checkpoints for support offering snacks and drinks. The 50 is aimed at the amateur ultra runner who wants to build up a platform towards a qualifying 100 to allow them to take on the harder stuff.

lts also an ideal early training run for the experienced and a chance to bag a flat 100 miler with the Double Flat Bastard.


Checkpoint support (basic food and drink), baggage transport (to 50 miles and finish), map, finishers medal and tracker included in the cost.


(T-shirts can be ordered as an option)


Time limits: 12hrs 50 miles, 28hrs 100 miles



Entries Open


50 miler £57

100 miler £129


(no refunds or deferrals, but you may sell your place privately.

You must have done at least one ultra to enter either race. No sticks, no external support, no pacers)



Please complete the entry form below. Secure payment via PayPal.

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No sticks, no external support, no pacers. One strict medium bag only for transfer to the finish (contents left at own risk). Runners who retire must make their own pick up arrangements. There is no medical support and you run at your own risk. Cockbain events are not liable for any loss of valuables. Entry is not guaranteed and can be rejected without explanation. No transport to from finish. Mobile phones must be carried at all time and clothing suitable for all possible weather conditions. Its a cupless race, so a suitable water container must be carried to allow for 12-15 miles between CP's. Emergency food and money should be carried. No refunds, but places can be sold privately and name changed for free