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Both Viking Way Ultra and C2C Ultra entries open for 2014. Application now via entry page.........




The Hill Ultra entries now open for a limited period. Race is THIS December! CLOSED




John Steele is the only finisher in the first Hill Ultra in a time of 47 hours and 31 mins!!!




The Hill 2 entries open early!!




Viking Way Ultra 3rd edition is over. 5 amazing tough runners finished. Luke Ashton, Richard Lendon, Steve Gordon, Andy Horsley and Jon Steele.




6 finishers cross the line at Tynemouth after running 140 miles non-stop coast to coast from Whitehaven in the FIRST EVER C2CUltra

Martin Terry is first across the line in 31:58, closely followed by Chris Rainbow in 32:12.

Jon Steele gets the COCKBAIN GRAND SLAM Award after finishing The Hill, Viking Way and C2C consecutively! Rob Pinnington and Dave Fawkner finish their first Cockbain Event and Riccardo Giusiani his second Cockbain Event.




No Hill Ultra for 16


Chained Ultra 17.....a version will appear in Novembers Escape from Meriden


Chained Ultra 2016....zero finishers


Viking Way 5th Aniversary Edition Entries open


Lon Las Cymru.......UK'S longest road race coming in 17


Dead Sheep Ultra...... the UK'S Barkley....coming 2018