The Chained Ultra 130



The Chained Ultra


130 miles non-stop, chained together. 35 hour cutoff.

'Its going to be all about management and encouragement. Working as a team outside your comfort zone. Do not underestimate this event. It will be extremely difficult to complete'........Mark

You will enter the event based on the knowledge that you will be chained by a 1 metre length of chain, around the wrist to another runner of similar ability (only runners that have completed a 100 mile non-stop race will be eligable to enter)

The pairing of runners will be selected randomly (in a draw style fashion) an hour before the start.







Race location: Rutland.

Starts 9am Sat July 9th from Barrowden village hall.

Race is two laps of the 65 mile Rutland Round waymarked route (one clockwise, one anti-clockwise)

First loop will have a strict time limit. Overall time limit 35 hours.

Bag storage at village hall with food and hot drinks. Toilet at start.

Nearest train station: Oakham




All runners entering The Chained Ultra must be aware that they will be paired at random with another runner that has also met the entry pre-requisites of the race (completed a 100 mile race).

We will not accept pre arranged pairs of runners.

Runners must realise that they can be paired with EITHER sex.

This is an equal opportunity challenge.

A numbered draw to decide pairs will be made 1 hour before the start of the event.

You will be chained together by approx 1 metre length of chain by the wrist. You should quickly decide between you who will be right or left etc.

If you refuse to be paired with a particular runner, you will BOTH be classed as a DNS and not be refunded.

Strictly NO refunds after 2 months before the event.

Runners must be aware that this is a potentially hazardous situaion and you must respect each others wants and needs.

Violence or excessive abuse towards partners will not be tolerated and will lead to a DNF and a complete ban from future events.

Extra care and attention must be taken especially in towns and villages and while crossing roads.

If one runner wants to DNF then this will automatically DNF both runners.

Both runners must work as a team to overcome difficulty and encourage each other to complete the challenge.

Pairs will be tracked and must stay on the marked route at all times. Deviation from the route leads to a DNF

Pairs will be given a map.

Pairs will be given an emergency escape tool. Use of this tool leads to DNF.

The route is open to the public and the Country Code must be adhered to at all times.

Littering will not be tolerated.

There is no transport to or from the event.

Runners are not allowed outside support or pacers.

Walking poles are not allowed.

Pairs should consider waterproof clothing. We suggest a Poncho style system.

Each runner must carry a mobile phone and head torch.

There will be BASIC checkpoints at around 20 mile intervals for water and snacks.

This will be a two loop event. One direction, then in reverse.

All finishers will get a t-shirt.

All finishers will get a medal.

this will be a very low key event of around 20 pairs.

There will be no medical backup and runners should call 999 in the case of a severe medical problem or emergency.