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Challenge description

Challenge description

The Tunnel is a mind bending test of extreme endurance and sensory deprivation. This challenge is a 200 mile ultramarathon through the darkness of the UK'S longest foot tunnel. You will run on flat terrain but in the pitch black between 11pm and 5am, there will be low level lighting in effect at other times.


The Combe Down tunnel is in Bath, Somerset and there will be a checkckpoint at the south end of the tunnel. You will have 55 hours to run approximately 100 'out-n-backs', or 200 times through the tunnel, which is possibly the greatest mileage ultramarathon ever run 99% underground. The Tunnel is sponsored by Chia Charge.


Follow the 2024 event live here



28th February - 2nd March 2025




Enter The Tunnel


Entrants are limited. All applicants MUST have a minimum of a 100 miler as a qualifier. This is a very low key, no nonsense extreme test of running ability and endurance - to enter complete this online form with race CV and if successful we will contact you to make payment 


No refunds, transfers, or deferrals.

Contact us

Questions? Contact us

Email us to know more about The Tunnel:, or follow our Facebook group!

Registration information

Registration information

This challenge will take place in Bath, Somerset through the Combe Down tunnel. Registration is as the Check Point on the south end.

What's included

What's included

  • This is a very, very basic and limited challenge with no shelter/rest area.

  • Checkpoint has water/coke only and snacks (bars, cake, gels etc). Bring your own drinking mug/container.

  • Drop box area.

  • Portaloo. 

  • No parking directly at start.

  • No toilets at start.



  • No refunds, no deferrals.

  • You must not come if you feel unwell/have any Covid symptoms.

  • You must bring your own cup/drinking bottle.

  • We will only be providing water and basic individually wrapped snack type food.

  • Anything you bring you MUST take away with you (kit, boxes etc).

  • No headphones, no sticks, no outside support.

  • The tunnel is open to the public and is especially used by bikers, so LHS running only and tunnel rules must be obeyed.

  • No littering.

  • Hi Vis must be worn at all times.

  • Headtorch worn in dark hours.

  • Whistle and phone must be carried.

  • One small waterproof box/bag can be left at own risk in baggage area.

  • THIS IS NOT A SEE HOW FAR YOU CAN GET IN 55 HOURS EVENT (you will be timed out if not at 100 miles in 27:30).


2024 Runners

1    Karen    Peck
2    Andrew    Nesbit
3    Emily     Mills
4    Alan    Risk
5    Jilly    Walstow
6    Agnieszka    Kaminska
7    Garry    Doolan
8    Tanja    Höschele
9    Stuart    Shipley
10    John    Harris
11    Karl     Baxter 
12    Frank    Götze
13    Feray    Clark
14    Jon    Rowles
15    Alison    Caldwell
16    Manuel     Nicolaus
17    Ronan    Pincemin
18    Jonathan     Chandley 
19    Dylan    Gould 
20    Terry    Tilllotson
21    Louise    Phillips
22    Roldano    Marzorati
23    Francis    Wainwright
24    Graeme    Kelly
25    Jason    Mccardle
26    Christian    Mauduit
27    Pez    Hargreaves
28    James    Mcnamee
29    Coleen    Thompson
30    David    Bone
31    Richard    Keefe
32    Jools    Smith
33    Ellen    Cottom
34    Julian    Hall
35    Kevin    Mayo
36    Claire    Smith
37    Paul    Garner
38    Joey    Lichter
39    Mark    Becker
40    Deborah    Allum
41    Alex    Marshall 
42    Sean     Conway
43    Stuart    Wilkie
44    Brendan    Turner
   Adrian    Martin

Race results

Race results

View race results for The Tunnel,



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