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Challenge description

Challenge description

The Cannonball Run is a 'fun' challenge ultra where the objective is to carry a 4kg solid steel Cannonball along the entire length of the Worcestershire Way (and a few Malvern hills). The distance is just over 50km and you have a generous 9 hours to complete the race. 


Sunday 7th April 2025




Enter the Cannonball Run


Ideally you should have completed an ultra before and be comfortable with GPX navigation (though most of the route is waymarked.  Note entries can be rejected and therefore refunded at the RD's discretion.


No refunds, transfers, or deferrals.

Contact us

Contact us

Get in touch with us to find out more about Cannonball Run:, or follow our Facebook group!

Registration information

Registration information

Start is at the riverside, Dog lane car park at the beginning of the Worcestershire Way in Bewdley at 8am on Sunday 6th April.

Registration from 7:00 where you will be given a Track-Trail tracker and a LOAN 4kg Cannonball. Think about where you will put your tracker.

There are no facilities at the start.

Finish is near Great Malvern.

What's included

What's included


  • 3 outdoor checkpoints at approximately 8 mile intervals with water and snacks.

  • Cannonball hire

  • Track Trail tracker.

  • GPX of route 

  • Bespoke finishers medal.


Kit requirements


You must carry:

  • Waterproof jacket.

  • Charged phone.

  • Probably trail shoes.

  • Capacity for carrying water, and a cup.

  • Money/card

Kit requirements


  • The time limit for the race will be 9 hours with internal CP cut-offs

  • No sticks will be allowed.

  • No support crews.

  • No pacers.

  • No headphones.

  • There will be 3 CP’s with water and the usual ultra snacks:

  •  1 at around 9.75 miles (Wynniattes Way road, nearest village Abberley) closes at 11am

  •  2 at 16.75 miles Admiral Rodney pub car park Berrow Green. W3W aliens.smoothly.dumps closes at 1pm

  •  3 at 24 miles (nearest village Longley green) note this CP is slightly further up the lane before you turn right at WW signpost but is visible W3W nods.cadet.gone closes at 3pm

  • On the day you must provide your race phone number and an emergency number to get your tracker/ball.

  • Note if you bring your own ball it must have a 4kg stamp on it and you must take it away with you afterwards.


  • if you have to DNF only do this at a CP so you can hand back your tracker and Cannonball. In the very worst case emergency scenario only leave it at a road crossing with a What 3 Word location so it can be retrieved. I will get into big trouble if balls of steel are dumped in the countryside!




  • The ‘cannonball’ must be carried by hands/arms/body parts only.

  • You cannot fashion any carrying device including t-shirts, jackets, belts, hats, strapping of any kind. 

  • You cannot use a bag.

  • You cannot run with a backpack, waist-pack or belt.

  • You CAN run with a small running vest/Camelback

  • You cannot roll the ball.

  • You cannot use sticks.

  • You CAN wear gloves.

  • No crews/pacers.

  • No external support.

  • No headphones

  • There is strictly NO baggage transfer. Come ready to run.



  • You must complete the entire GPX route including the Worcester Beacon climb and Malvern Hills at the end. Your trace will be plotted by the tracker and anyone cutting route will be DNFd.

  • Bring a waterproof jacket.


  • Why is it 4kg? 


  • Well 5kg is too heavy and would lead to just walking.

  • 4kg allows for a fair bit of running but awkward enough to make it a difficult challenge.




  • If you drop the ball on your foot it will break your foot/toes.

  • Do not roll the ball.

  • Do not throw the ball.

  • Have an extraction plan.

  • You must observe the country code/highway code and expect the usual hazards associated with long distance events.

  • The route is 95% trail with a few road crossings where extreme caution should be taken.

  • The race is abnormal and you are entering at your own risk and the risks associated with strains and breakages caused by carrying a heavy object.

  • Dial 999 for emergencies

  • As mentioned, you should only DNF at a CP (or in an emergency a road crossing and you must text me a W3W location if you need to leave the Cannonball)

  • It is your responsibility to be extracted/taxi uber/walk/train/bus to your desired location. There is no facility to transport you.

  • All DNFS must be reported to the RD by text stating your name and extraction plan and any W3W location of the Cannonball.

  • Both Bewdley and Great Malvern are connected by rail.

  • The finish is near Great Malvern.


  • FINISHERS will get a Cannonball Run medal

2025 Runners

Watch this space!

2025 Runners
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