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Challenge description

Challenge description

On the night the clocks go back, you will have 25 hours to complete a unique 100 mile track ultramarathon. You will race on a quality floodlit 400m outdoor athletics track in Huntingdon, using a professional track timing system provided by Timing Monkey Ltd. 

This challenge is ideal for beginners to get a 100 miler that is required for the harder events; for those looking to crack a PB; or individuals seeking a Spartathlon qualification. 

The event will take place weekend of 28/29th October 2023 when the clocks go back for winter, giving you an extra hour to complete your 100.


28/29th October 2023 




Enter Track 100


2023 Track 100 entries limited to 50.

There are no pre-requisites. All runners are welcome. Entries can be rejected at the RD's discretion, refunds will be given in these circumstances.


No refunds, transfers, or deferrals.   RACE FULL

Contact us

Questions? Contact us

Email Mark to find out more about Track 100:, or follow our Facebook group!

Registration information

Registration from: 8:30am

Start time: 10 am

Huntington outdoor Athletics Track, California Road, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 6SJ.

Registration information
What's included

What's included

  • A professional track timing system (provided by Timing Monkey LTD) on a quality floodlit 400m outdoor athletics track. 

  • Shelter/baggage area/rest area

  • Portable toilets are provided for individual use, with hand sanitiser.

  • Snacks/Water.

  • Personal food can be dropped at track side (own drinks container required).

  • Parking.

  • Bespoke medal.




  • In order to limit numbers on site, personal crews/spectators are not allowed.

  • You must not come if you feel unwell/have any Covid symptoms.

  • You must bring your own cup/drinking bottle and box of personal supplies.

  • We will only be providing water and basic individually wrapped snack type food.

  • You should arrive 'race ready'. There are no changing rooms but some sheltered areas.

  • Timing chips and numbers will be handed out at registration.

  • The start will be socially distanced if necessary.

  • After you have finished your race, you will be able to collect your finishers medal and should leave site.

  • No returning to your vehicle during the event.

  • ​No walking sticks.

  • No headphones.

  • No stoves or tents.

  • All items you bring to the event (including your rubbish) must be taken away by yourself.

  • The event is planned to take place with social distancing and Covid 19 measures in place, if necessary.


2022 Runners

1   Samuel Towers

2   Matthew Whattam

3   Elizabeth or Grant Narin

4   Chris Whistler

5   Lindsey Hoggard

6   Andrew Hoggard

7   Craig Burton

8   Becca Mabelle

9   Graeme Boxall

10  Adrian Tuplin

11  Gary Lang

12  Adrian Busolini

13  Lukasz Cwiklewski

14  Alex Marshall

15  Phil Briley

16  Ernst Manuel Nicolaus

17  Kirstan Gaughan

18  Samantha Midgley

19  Paul McLaughin

20  Daniel Del Piccolo

21  Jason Skirrow

22  Joanna Blyth

23  Daniel Crawford

24  Shawn Mills

25  Matthew Hunton

26  P Eccleston

27  Alistair Stewart

28  Francois B Buchler

29  Jed Newton

30  Neil Wheeler

31  Gavin Kilshaw

32  Paul Harris

33  Russell Hirst

34  Steve Chaplin

35  Karl Baxter

36  Cedric Bouele

37  Stuart Ferguson

38  Andy Persson

39  Mark Clegg

40  Byron Crook

41  Carl Beesley

42  Courtney Ray

43  June Harrison

44  Mark Little

45  Alan Cormack

46  Mark Pinder

47  Matt Warren

48  Adam Jones

49  David Harvey

50  Jon Steele

51  Jay McCardle

52  Ioan Jones

53  Terry Tillotson

54  Chris Larmour

55  Ollie Smith

Race results

Race results

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