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Legacy Challenges

The Hill Ultra

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The Hill Ultra is an extreme test of mental and physical strength.

This 160 mile challenge has a time limit of 48 hours. This is 55 times up and down The Hill (part of Shining Tor), one of the highest hills in the Peak District.

With an elevation of +/- 6380m, this challenge is like climbing to the summit of Everest from basecamp and back down, twice!

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The Hill On Tour

The Hill on Tour will take place in a new location in the Cheviot Hills at Northumberland National Park. The format and elevation are virtually the same as Shining Tor.


There will be 44 laps of The Hill to Auchope Hut, with the  final lap up to the summit of Auchope Cairn to reach 160 miles in total. The cut-off time will remain at 48 hours. 

This will be extremely mentally and physically difficult, in winter conditions. 

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Three Peaks

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Runners have 10 days to travel 430-450 miles.


Tackle Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdown in this extremely difficult to complete challenge.


You should prepare to tackle this in a hard, almost self supported style.


The terrain will mainly be the shortest route between the peaks by road/cycle path, but the first 100 miles will be off-road on the West Highland Way.​

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The Hill Results

Legacy Results

The Hill Ultra, Results


Congratulations to all the runners who took part in the first Hill Ultra. Only one runner, John Steele, finished the event, to become King Of The Hill 2013. Congratulations John.



Mike Raffan  -  1st

Ronnie Staton  -  2nd

Anthony Hall  -  3rd





CARL HOWELLS  -  40:44


JOHN DUNCAN  -  44:40

RICK CLARK  -  45:08

ALAN CORMACK  -  47:16

CHRIS ETTE  -  47:43

Three Peaks, Results

Three Peaks Results
Legacy photos

Legacy photos

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